Classic Sustainability

Classic’s Vision
Our aim is to be an industry leader that provides and promotes the highest level of integrity – leading with ethics, equity and kindness. Respect and support for our staff, clients and stakeholders to strengthen community partnerships by creating opportunities through professional development. Bringing to light and showcasing the advances in the industry, by providing innovative, best-in-class service.  Building sustainability through “Green” philosophy, strategies, and initiatives, that in turn will lead to a more eco-conscious society.

Classic’s Mission
To exceed our Client’s expectations with Superior Value through the use of our Integrated Service Solutions that help create Synergy. We are committed to providing and continually improving our customized Green Cleaning Systems through innovation and technology, professional development and training, and a strong diversified team

Classic’s Core Values

  • Customer Commitment – We develop relationships that generate a positive impact in our customer’s
  • Respect for All Stakeholders – We value and respect all people; encourage their growth and development and acknowledge their
  • Certified Quality – We provide first rate products and excellent service which combined deliver outstanding value to our
  • Integrity – We hold ourselves to a high standard of integrity in all we do.
  • Accountability – We hold ourselves accountable for delivering on our
  • Health & Safety – We are faithful in performing our work with attention to safety and due diligence.
  • Sustainability – We consider the impact our actions have upon the environment by operating in the “green”, environmentally responsible manner possible.
  • Classic Strategic Goals – 2021
    • Expand our corporate training program to include a more robust curriculum for professional and personal development, cross-training, emergency response, and customer service.
    • Sponsor staff for upgrading at the College (30-50% Classic staff enrolled in courses at BVC).
    • Refine our corporate wide structured Employee Retention/Recognition & Appreciation Program.
    • Increase our corporate participation in philanthropic endeavors/initiatives.
  • Initiatives on How Classic Gives Back to the Community and Supports Sustainability
    • Assisting and encouraging all our sites to use 4-stream waste collection system – 100% by 2022
    • Having 100% of our equipment, appliances and chemicals at 100% Eco-Certified – by 2021 end
    • Having 100% of all toilet be low flow, new energy efficient hot water tank, low flow taps – 2022
    • ESL Classes – sponsor 3 candidates a year for “Most improved English level” – ongoing
    • Sponsor one candidate per year for most skilled professional development – ongoing
    • Supporting Non-profits such CIWA, Centre for Newcomers, and Fresh Start Recovery – ongoing
      • In the past 3 years Classic has hired over 100 employees from these organizations and has donated over $10,000.