Services We Offer

Our comprehensive suite of cleaning services is designed to make the life of a building manager or owner far easier, more affordable and incredibly stress-free. We work with our clients to build a customized and all inclusive cleaning program that is not only Eco-conscious but also Eco-friendly.

In addition to the basics such as general office and bathroom cleaning, we offer furniture, fixture and cubicle cleaning as well as specialty tile and floor, carpet and wood flooring care.

Our professional janitorial services are available on an as needed basis or in a dedicated, contract form. We can accommodate any hours and our cleaning teams are available at your convenience anytime of the day or night.

Without a doubt, a renovation project places the greatest strain on a building manager and general contractor. One of the last things that you should need to deal with is the clean-up. Our professionals can be there when the contractors finish and be in and out and without any hassle.

Even better, we can be there every day at the close of the construction day to keep everything neat and orderly so that you can continue to conduct business without undue strain. On a more personal note, we are also great at putting the final cleaning touches on a home renovation project.

Again, we can be there anytime (day or night) in order to get catch any leftover messes.

Our team’s experience with the toughest industrial and heavy-duty cleanup is unmatched in the area. We have the right equipment, the right people and the right knowledge to expertly handle any spill or mess. This is especially relevant for todays high safety standards.

Simply put, our experts have been fully trained in these settings and make sure that our Green Cleaning Systems are always in place. Starting from the chemicals we use, right down to making sure all contaminants are dealt with properly.

Whatever your cleaning needs are we can take care of it for you. Whether it is something that needs to be addressed only once or on a periodical basis, we work with you to make sure you are fully satisfied with our services. Our staff will evaluate your needs, give you a time and cost estimate.

We will then work with you to modify the estimate so that you only pay for the services that you need when you need them. Similarly, specialized cleaning services can be evaluated by our staff and then scheduled at your discretion. In every case, the services provided will be affordable and well worth it.

Whatever the floor type, whether it be VCT Tiles, Mondo, Slate, Cork, Marble, etc. we have the expertise to make sure any type of flooring is always looking great.

Tile floors take an incredible amount of abuse so proper and regular maintenance is key to maximizing your investment. It’s imperative to have a maintenance program in place so that when it’s time to have the floors redone, we make sure it’s scheduled and taken care of.

Whether the floors need to be completely stripped, scrubbed, sealed or waxed, we make sure the job gets done right the first time and work with you to make sure they are always looking up to standard.

Coordinating an office or home move can be a very trying experience. Just keeping track of all the essentials is often more than one person can handle – especially if tasked with also ensuring the cleanliness of the new space.

Our cleaning staff merely needs to be pointed in the right direction and can relieve you of any concerns about cleaning in either the old space or the new. With minimum notice, you will move into a spotless home or office – that means, no dust, no mold and no mildew to affect your family or your employees – and we can also leave the old space in the same great condition.

Let’s face it – accidents do happen and never at a convenient time. Our cleaning teams understand this fact and can be mobilized to tackle the most extreme problems. If you face this situation and need a quick and easy way to “keep the doors open,” contact us.

We will have an experienced professional there, to detail what we can do and in what time frame. This knowledge will allow you the flexibility to work around the issue. Even better, if the situation arises before your scheduled day, just let us know and we can move your appointment forward to ensure you peace of mind.

On those occasions when your need for custodial services is only temporary, we can be your first call. Should you find yourself in temporary quarters or only need our services on a limited bases, do not hesitate to contact us.

We always make sure that our temporary custodial staff are fully trained and compliant. Classic has gone from building relationships to Building Partnerships with our clients, simply by “doing what we say and delivering great service”.

Once construction is partially or fully done, we are there to help. Our staff are fully trained and certified in both Green and Safety Standards. Safety is top a top priority for Classic; we are an associate member of Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships and are on our way to becoming COR Certified.

We have successfully completed big and small jobs in and around Calgary. Many of our construction cleanups have been with the University of Calgary, but have also worked closely with PCL, EllisDon, Stuart Olsen Dominion, Ledcor, Starcraft and Filmore Construction.

Whether you require the construction cleanup to be take care of Classic completely or you need some temporary labour support to be directly under your Site Supervisors instruction, Classic is always there to depend on.

Whether in a home or in an office setting, carpets can harbor a wide variety of organic and inorganic substances. In fact, most people would be shocked at the true extent of the mess that lays concealed underneath the top layers of the average carpet. Removing this mess and the concomitant smells associated with it requires more than a simple vacuuming.

Instead, professional grade equipment is necessary to do a proper and thorough job. In the end, you will not only be happy with the aesthetics of the cleaning but you will do wonders for extending the longevity of your carpet. Lastly, the air quality of your space will be significantly improved.

Mother Nature is not your friend when it comes to keeping an orderly and well-tended home or office. In particular, a flood or fire can wreak havoc in a relatively short period of time. Fortunately, these events are not always catastrophic and the proper remediation can work wonders on an affected space.

Still, it requires the right tools, chemicals and experience to adequately remove the effects of smoke, fire and water and to return a space to its original state. Similarly, a break in a water main, a sewage backup, a faulty fire suppression system and other plumbing problems can instantly make your home or office uninhabitable.

Our teams are ready to respond and get you up and running as soon as possible. Contact us any time of the day or night, 365 days a year, 24 – 7.

There are innumerable, inconvenient spaces that need cleaning outside any home or office. In many cases, specific tools are the only way to access and clean them.

Our teams come equipped with a wide variety of ladders, platforms, pressure washers and other equipment that makes cleaning your space easy and risk-free. In addition, we only use the most eco-friendly, bio-degradeable chemicals and cleaners available. This keeps your space as pristine and odor-free as possible.

Though it can have significant ramifications for everyone in a space, the heating and air-conditioning ducts are almost inevitably one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to cleaning.

Keeping your ducts clean not only reduces the amount of particulates in the air but can also significantly reduce the operating costs of your HVAC system. This is especially important in commercial spaces where poorly performing systems can produce outsize utility bills that have a seriously negative effect on the bottom line and on the indoor air quality.

The first step in retaining any professional janitorial service is the consultation. Our experienced team are intimately familiar with all our services and how they can best suit your needs.

Call us for an appointment – there is no charge to you and we can almost assuredly save you time, money and aggravation in dealing with any of your cleaning needs.