Our Clients

Corporate Offices

First impressions matter so we make sure to keep all your spaces looking new and spotless. We have a comprehensive system which takes all of our client’s operational needs into factor to build a customized service program.

Catering Halls

Similarly, any space that prepares or serves food must be cleaned in the right way – thoroughly and with the appropriate cleaners.

Educational Institutions

The high level of traffic that runs through these buildings means that prompt and regular cleaning is a must. Ask us about on-site monitoring to keep all of your buildings continuously cleaned.

Restaurants, Bars & Theatres

A wide variety of unwanted substances are routinely brought into these spaces. From food stains to liquor stains, the right equipment is essential for removing them.

Government & Financial Institutions

Security is the number one concern in these locations. All of our employees are thoroughly vetted and undergo a background check before being assigned to these facilities.

Medical and Dental Offices

Sterile surfaces and proper sanitation including proper disposal are paramount here. In addition, patients’ health can also suffer if the area is not disinfected properly.

Industrial Buildings

Some of the toughest clean-up project occur on industrial sites. Our cleaning crews have the right equipment, chemicals and experience to deal with them in the most efficient manner as possible.

Clinical Labs

In addition to the legally mandated disposal protocols, our bonded and certified cleaning teams know how to deal with confidential materials. You can be assured that no cabinets or secure spaces will be violated.

Construction Sites

From preparatory cleaning through ongoing site maintenance to final punch list cleaning, our cleaning teams are experienced in at keeping a job site neat and orderly.

Child Care Centers

Nowhere are people more concerned about the use of safe, non-toxic chemicals than around their kids. We will never use any chemical that are poisonous or allergy-causing in this environment.

Condominiums and Apartments

Cleanliness is a premium selling point in the residential rental market. Use our crews to ensure that your units are not only clean but properly maintained as well.